Last month, I found myself walking down the streets of an elegant capital. The city was hustling and bustling with the sound of clicking cameras and various languages. The remarkable bridges and clear waters made me feel as if I was in a classic fairytale. Eastern Europe has one of the best kept secrets… BUDAPEST, HUNGARY!

There is so much one could say about this glorious city, from the wonderful architecture to the incredibly different language of Hungarian. The taste of Gulas soup was on my mind as we flew from Romania to Hungary. No one makes it quite like they do! Daniel and I were travelling to help assist in a conference that would take place later in the week. But as they say, “When in Budapest… take a few vacation days..” (Okay, maybe only I say that.) 

This trip was special to us, as it was the city we got engaged in, at the beautiful ‘Fisherman’s Bastion’. With it’s beautiful towers and castle like features, it certainly gave the princess feel. We made sure to look around the city and find some of our favourite places.  If you’re ever in Budapest, take full advantage of your time and tour it all! Although we had a great time being tourists for a couple of days, we were back to work to prepare for the leadership conference.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have met our fellow AIM workers, Cseh Family. They are a great blessing to the church in Budapest as they already speak Hungarian! What a great point to check off their to-do list.

The conference lasted from Thursday Evening until Saturday Afternoon. It was a great blessing to be able to meet leaders from all over the country of Hungary. We truly are a Global Church. There were wonderful lessons taught that will forever stick with me and touched my heart. It was a great privilege to speak to the dear ladies about the responsibilities of the ‘home’. The Holy Ghost moved immensely in our lessons and I truly believe that lives were touched.

Every time we go to a new place, I like to learn from every experience and then share them with others. So here are some things I learned from that conference.

Prayer is the Key

This was the lesson my mother in law taught, it was a powerful reminder that prayer is the petrol that makes the car go. We may feel weak or tired in this field of work, but always remember to fill yourself up through prayer before you go go go. One beautiful illustration she used was getting people at the conference to place a pin on the city they were from or represented. It was such a blessing to see pins all across the map, but there were many places that still had no pins. So it’s our job to pray! It is the key to open doors and open nations.

Fellowship is Vital

No man is an island, especially in the world of global missions. It may seems like it at times, but it’s so important when the opportunity arises to take time to spend with your church family. While in the ladies session, I realised that many of the ladies there simply appreciated the love and prayers of her fellow sister in Christ. We need love the body of Christ, even if you do speak another language!

Be Flexible

In missions, things don’t aways go as planned or sometimes there isn’t a clear plan. Don’t panic, but be prepared regardless. I was in one of the morning sessions and was asked to sing a song, well instantly I thought, “this won’t work… I don’t speak Hungarian and I doubt they will know these songs.” but that’s the wrong thinking! It’s important to be ready always. There will always be barriers that physically looks huge, but with God, we can soar above those with His help.

We had a wonderful time in Hungary with Bro. & Sis Tuttle our Regional Directors, fellow labourers Cseh Family and Covey Family. Of course, it’s always special for us to minister alongside my in-laws, Missionaries Patterson, AKA Mom & Dad. However, the story doesn’t end there. Saturday afternoon after everything was said and done, we drove back to Bucharest, Romania. We arrived in the early hours to catch some sleep and  have service in the morning at our church.

Although the life of missions sounds busy or tiring, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Seeing lives touched by the power of God and forever changed, that’s our reward. It’s fun being in missions! More names are added in my heart and my perspective has been changed. We look forward to our next visit!



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