It’s time for an update! This time last week, we found ourselves in Paris airport waiting for our connection flight. We had a layover of around 4 hours. So, what does one do when they have a long wait, Starbucks and good reminisce of the last few days in Norway. The crisp, fresh air with the unexpected flurries of snow seemed so beautiful, but I experienced something so much sweeter. The wonderful feeling of unity and faith. I can guarantee there’s nothing quite like it! 

My Mom in Love and I attended the first regional ladies conference. We were excited to be a part of this wonderful historic moment!

We arrived Wednesday in the evening and were greeted by some smiling familiar faces. Instantly, I felt welcomed and special. When we stepped through the doors of the hotel, I realised that I was walking among giants. Spiritual giants. The missionary wives. These ladies are inspirations and role models for many of the young ladies aspiring to ministry. Through their testimonies, I have found encouragement and a global awareness for souls.

Thursday morning was our exploring day! If you don’t make time to explore, you may miss out on something wonderful! Just from the few hours in the downtown area I discovered that Drammen has a beautiful river that runs through the city. Also, around this time of year, they host a large ski event. They turn the square into a large slope for the passionate athlete (Which I am certainly not!). Another thing, buying postcards and looking for a place to mail them is a true travellers adventure! We stopped many times to capture pictures of the wonderful mountain scenes from this valley city. As my Mom says, “A camera can never quite capture the true beauty like your eyes can.”

The opening service was that evening, and there was a wonderful atmosphere in that place. Sis Tuttle, our Regional Director’s wife and organiser, reported that there were at least 22 nations represented. It was an honour to represent the beautiful country of Romania. As soon as service began in prayer, there was a sweet unity among the ladies. All the country borders vanished, language barriers disappeared and we became united under one name, Jesus. There’s nothing more precious than the prayers of unified ladies. Sis Gleason preached a wonderful Word. I was encouraged and strengthen by the prayers of my fellow sisters in Christ.

Friday was a fun packed day! We had sessions in the morning followed by a service. The Hyphen ladies (ages 17-29) had a wonderful time with Sis Kristen Keller. She is an inspiration to many of us, with a tender heart and loving attitude. There are plenty of women mentioned in the Bible that we can all look at to inspire each of us.

“The absence of God’s voice does not mean the absence of God’s hand.” Kristen Keller

During our afternoon free time, I was thankful to spend some with my dear friends from Norway. It has been years since we’ve been able to see each other. Not only was this conference a wonderful time in the Lord, it was also a great time of fellowship. What’s a better way to catch up with old friends than over food. We ate some good Indian curry and spoke for hours. I’m blessed with wonderful friends!

It was a joy to be involved with the music ministry this week, under the guidance of Sis Andrea Nutt. I loved getting to minister with these wonderful ladies and thankful for their friendship.

Friday night was a power packed service from start to finish! Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart for the unity among us. Sis Keller preached a wonderful and timely Word. My life has been impacted for the better. I’m thankful for each lady who has invested in my life through prayer and words of wisdom.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team who organised this tremendous event! I am already looking forward to the next conference. 


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