Earlier this month, we had the privilege to travel 4 hours north to a very historic city in Romania,  Alba Iulia. Although in the same country, it’s interesting to see the difference from such large city, like Bucharest, to a much smaller one. It bring me joy to share this hidden gem with you!

After our church service in Bucharest, we piled in the car with our overnight bags and packed lunches (Thanks Mom!). Alba Iulia is a 4 hour drive, 215 miles north , depending on traffic. We were planning on visiting Pastor Antoniu and his church in the evening, so we were on the road as soon as we dismissed our service. The roads were pleasant for the most part with a lovely autobahn but sadly many hairpin turns… and for those who know me, I’m not good in a backseat on those types of roads… so my solution, sleep.

We arrived right on time for service that evening. There was such a sweet moving of the Holy Ghost. My Father in Law and Husband preached. I thank God for such open hearts ready to receive the Word and also the anointed preaching. Although that may not be your ministry, there’s always an opportunity for you to be a worshipper and support the preacher.

Later that evening, we ate together with the Pastor’s family. Instantly I felt their heart. It never hurts to be kind to others! I was so thankful for the hospitality and love during our time there. Not only the Pastor’s family but also his wonderful saints. Daniel & I stayed with an extremely sweet and dedicated couple. From the moment we stepped foot in their home, you felt that Christian love.

We’re all a part of one family, under one name… JESUS

There’s nothing sweeter than being with family, especially the family of God. His love is the greatest of all, and we’re to love each other and show it.

 Appreciate Every Act of Kindness

From the moment we arrived, we felt the hearts of the people. After a long day, they made sure that we had all we needed for our overnight stay. They welcomed us into their homes, blessed us and their hospitality was next to none. I’ve learned to appreciate every act of kindness, big or small.

I know that God will bless this family immensely!

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you. – Luke 6:38

Be an Encourager

It’s always wonderful when someone encourages you. I always love being around people in church because their faith increases my faith. But, many times we want to receive and not give back. God has given us an abundance of opportunities to share His love to those around us. Bring joy to someone’s day! Be a word of encouragement! 

The city of Alba Iulia is very significant to Romanian history. This is where the document of the unification of Transylvania and Romania was signed in 1918. Many celebrate this as national day on December 1. There’s something wonderful about unity.

As I mentioned, we had a wonderful time with the church Alba Iulia. More names are added in my heart and my perspective has been changed. We look forward to our next visit!



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