Yesterday marked the 5th NEW country I’ve visited this year! Although I had to ask for a passport stamp (very nicely), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this experience. A new country, a new culture and indeed a new language! 

Our journey began from Bucharest, around 1pm, yesterday afternoon. We loaded up the car and began our 2 hour trip to Razgrad, Bulgaria. As Bucharest is in the South of Romania, I realised that the Bulgarian border is not too far from us. This was my first trip to this country and I was excited to see what it would be like, from the people to the buildings and the food!

It took around 1 hour to get to the border (no time at all!). We went over a large bridge and saw a bold “BULGARIA” sign in the middle of the overhang and on either side you could see the beautiful Danube river. One thing I noticed was parts of the river had frozen and then defrosted. Patches of ice followed alongside us as we drove.

The small town of Razgrad was just over an hour from the border. We checked into our hotel and rested until service.

We had a great time in the service with the wonderful church family. Being involved in missions you realise that there are many things that are different between each field. Since being in Bulgaria, a country where its language is written very differently and even common gestures of nodding”YES” and “NO” are different, I’ve realised we can still make an impact on people’s lives without the basic forms of communication.

Things may be different in each field but these are the things that never change:

  • The Name of Jesus is Understood in Every Language

No matter how the language is written, through experience I’ve noticed that when spoken the name of Jesus is similar in each language. Whether you’re in Romania, China or Russia, the name of Jesus is understood. How beautiful! He truly is the Name above all names!

  • Worship Has No Borders

There’s nothing more precious that being in the presence of the Lord! Even if you don’t understand the song lyrics or are able to sing along, don’t let that hinder your worship. There are many times I’ve been in countries where I don’t understand any of the song service, but I could still feel the atmosphere of the other worshippers!

  • Everyone Appreciates Someone who is Genuine

When we meet someone new, we often make up our minds whether we like or dislike them from that first encounter. People just want you to be real and honest. It goes beyond borders. We need to show the love of Jesus to everyone we meet. Love stretches beyond languages and cultures. I may not understand Bulgarian, but I know those I met had a heart full of love. Be genuine!


New Friendships!

As I mentioned, we had a wonderful time with the church in Razgrad. More names are added in my heart and my perspective has been changed. I don’t want to be discouraged because of a communication barrier any more but I will simply lift up the name of Jesus with a heart full of love and joy!


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